Deployment Services

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Expertise matters because the result counts
IT Senior Appointment & Executive Search:

Mark9’s team has focused exclusively on the global IT ecosystem for over past few years. That level of experience means our dedicated IT Senior Appointments & Executive Search team can offer unparalleled support to you and your business, in your search for senior and executive IT employees.

Each of our team members has experience with some of the world’s most high profile companies. Through these multiple brand leaders, we are in a position to complete the following types of assignments:

CIO, Partner, Infrastructure / Services Director, Service Management Director, Service Line Director, Project Director, Head of Delivery, Head of applications/process, Head up Solution Architecture, Programme Manager, Competence Centre Manager.

PERMANENT PLACEMENT: We plant the seeds of talent. You reap the benefits
With years of continual success in the field of permanent recruitment, our internal teams operate on a success-only (contingent) basis. Mark9 confidently delivers. We carefully select only a small number of profiles to save your precious time. Mark9 conducts thorough research and analysis from the outset. We understand client’s needs thoroughly, including selection criteria, interview process, response times and key sales messages. Mark9 ensures the best possible fit to maximize success.

Finding the right candidate is essential. This is why Mark9 goes to great lengths to scour the market and unearth or tap fresh talent.

Mark9’s Permanent Placement service offers an added value for any company looking to grow their internal IT competence. At Mark9, we appreciate that a Permanent position requires a significant amount of consideration for both the Client and Candidate and that it is imperative to find the perfect fit for both.

NICHE CONTRACTING & CONSULTING: The best technical minds unleashed

Niche Contracting

The lifecycle and nature of IT projects requires specific skills for a defined period of time. Mark9 has an extended expertise to map its client’s requirements for high-end niche consultants to drive critical and complex projects when expert skill is the only solution for the success of the project.

Consulting offerings
Our unique consulting offerings include:

  • Building full-fledged support team (AMS)
  • Building full-fledged project team (Implementation)
  • Building dedicated individual practices
  • Building the entire Technology vertical, predominantly in any of the emerging technologies