How we do it

At Mark9, we still believe in referrals – whether for Talent identification or for Business opportunities. At our core, we have a very strong & prevalent Referral Ecosystem.

Our Referral Ecosystem has a global reach and consists of Experts, Free Lancers, Consultants, and Evangelists in Emerging Technologies. Thus we are able to tap Global Talent and service Global Business Opportunities.

Mark9- Referral Ecosystem

Our Referral Ecosystem is a structured and systematic process to maximize word of mouth potential.

We do this by encouraging, informing, and promoting contacts to think and talk as much as possible about Mark9 and its services, and the value and benefit Mark9 brings to them and people they know.

Our Referral Ecosystem focuses on making all four Cs (content, context, connection, community) an integral part of the customer experience, blending with high-touch tactics, and is built on a pure WIN-WIN situation.

Two key components of our Referral Ecosystem consists of:

Connect-2-Mark9: Our Global network, besides our internal & handpicked team of Techruiters – refers us suitable profiles/ resumes/ candidates against our requirements/ open positions which they are regularly be updated with.

Connect-Mark9: Our Global network, besides our internal and very competent sales/ marketing team, connects us (directly/ indirectly) to the decision makers, relevant managers in any Emerging Technology landscape, thus enabling us to tap into Global Business opportunities and client reach.