RPA Consulting
As organizations continue to cater to global clients and geographies, they face multiple challenges such as rising costs, reduced quality standards, complex and ever-changing compliance requirements, and talent management.

Organizations are looking at new-age technologies to handle these challenges and achieve best-in-class outcomes. That is where we make a difference with our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) training and delivery framework.

The framework enables organizations to create a fast, accurate, cost-effective, and round-the-clock virtual workforce for various operations—achieving operational excellence.

An essential part of any successful RPA project is the quality of the preparatory work that is needed to be done in order to ensure that Right work is done at the Right time using the Right methods.

Our RPA Consulting methodology consists of the following stages:

We identify areas within organizations where RPA would be possible AND gives a tangible ROI to the client organization. We also assess multiple factors critical to RPA success and create a Target Roadmap for RPA

We select processes to be piloted. We then estimate the current performance and the target automated performance levels. We automate the selected processes and pilot them to measure the actual performance.

We have extensive experience in managing diverse projects across the globe and use multiple standards and best practices to plan highly success oriented project management activities.

Develop and Implement
Our in-house resources are well experienced and have been extensively trained by the leaders within the RPA field. We use futuristic design practices to think deep into the future and develop Bots that are resilient, scalable and flexible, thereby generating much more benefits to the clients.

Support and Operate
We know that we are there for the clients and therefore we always work out the best plans for Client support for continuous and un-interrupted Bot Operations. We are also able to respond to the changing needs of the client’s business processes and upgrade the Bots for the best service, always.

Service Offerings:

  • RPA Advisory
    Assess your Process Landscape, RPA suitability and RPA Maturity before you commit yourselves to RPA Program within your organization, Define RPA Strategy and Business Cases
  • RPA Consulting
    RPA potential candidate processes, Identification, selection, prioritization, Planning, Piloting and Benefit showcasing. Includes Organizational RPA Roadmap creation
  • RPA Implementation
    RPA Bot Project Management, RPA Bot Design, Development, Testing and Deployment. Multiple Projects and Program Handling. RPA Support and Bot Operations Management
  • RPA CoE Setup and Partnership
    For clients who are interested in setting up RPA CoE in-house, we partner with them to setup the CoE on a Build-Operate-Transfer model so that the clients always enjoy the best RPA value