Every $ saved in Supply chain costs adds directly adds to your bottom line. Increase your customer satisfaction while reducing the inventory costs at the same time.

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) is a cloud-based set of applications that enables your company to rapidly develop, orchestrate and execute integrated business plans with real-time information.  SAP Integrated Business Planning is a modern and flexible supply chain planning tool that enables your business to cope with market volatility and complexity. You can directly import all planning relevant data from any SAP and non-SAP system and the power of SAP HANA allows you to analyze tremendous data volumes in seconds.

SAP IBP consists of different applications which can also be deployed independently

A planning solution powered by SAP IBP will have lots of tangible benefits for your company

Mark9 team has a long and successful history of implementing tailored integrated planning solutions with SAP toolsets/add-ons. Our team were also involved in the early deployment of SAP IBP for S&OP, implementing as one of the first a full cycle IBP S&OP solution in the discrete industry. To date, we can leverage from multiple S&OP IBP proof of concepts at many reputable customers.

How to start or continue your IBP journey
We suggest four different approaches to how you can get started on or continue your IBP journey:

  • Inspirational meeting: Let us invite you for a cup of coffee for you to learn more about the possibilities of SAP IBP.
  • Proof of concept: Together we can create a five-week proof of concept to test three key requirements for your business in the system.
  • Accelerated IBP: How to get started on IBP in 12 weeks and start realising the early benefits immediately.
  • From technical solution to impact: Have you already implemented SAP IBP but would like to realise the full potential for your business? Let us help you on the continuous journey.