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Azure Platform designed for solving problems in Supply chain

Intelligent Enterprise – Control Tower is a gamut of solutions running on Azure Platform designed for solving the overarching industry problems in Supply chain for Manufacturing, Retail, CPG and Pharma. It Unifies all relevant business units into one cloud-based, connected platform that in turn provisions better-informed decisions that maximize profitability.

It’s designed to leverage Azure data platform and is caters to the following needs:

- Flexible user experience with ability to self-serve for the Business.

- Data Integration with SAP , Dynamics for organization-wide cross analytics.

- Higher accuracy with state of the art Deep Learning platform.

- Ability to take quicker actions with recommendation hand holding

- Advance planning with Flexible data model with no –
    “one size fits all” strategy.

Business Analytics

Intelligent Enterprise

Supply Chain Analytics

SAP Data Lake / Data Warehouse on AZURE

Automated SAP Data Integration

Prebuilt AZURE Analytics Content on SAP

Modern Engagement

SAP Chatbots on Teams

Modules of
Intelligent Enterprise

SAP Data Lake/ Data Warehouse on Synapse

Demand Sensing

Trade Promotion
Offer Analytics

Integrated Forecasting
and Replenishment

Inventory Optimization
and Management


S&OP on
Power BI

Territory Engagement


Product to Product

Constraint Based


IE Control Tower

The IE- Control Tower provides deep layered what-if analysis using AI and other optimization techniques that allows scenario planning in multi-disciplinary Supply Chain. With availability to cross relate the external data, it provides a consistent view of the supply chain to the end consumer. Your Vendors / Partners and even customers can track the real time KPIs of the supply chain that can help take any required quick actions from either side.

IE Control Tower is Built On…

The IE-Control Tower is built on Power BI and hence delivers the most intuitive UX available in the industry. The solution is designed to help business slice and dice the possible outcome and then cross correlate within the different organizational cuts. The Supply Chain solution is designed to provide fundamental supply and demand drivers, multi hierarchy KPI levels with transparency and collaboration.

Better forecast accuracy by applying Consensus forecasting, and advance Artificial Intelligence.

Realize fresh perspectives for your supply chain through connected enterprise.

SAP ERP Process on Teams

Business Value of
Intelligent Enterprise

Increased Employee Engagement

Simplification of Complex Business Processes

User Experience

Better Customer Visibility to Salesmen Present in Field

Improved Customer Service

Chat based Micro - Analytics

Better Project - Management

Measurable Employee Engagement

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Alliance Partner

Implementation Partner

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