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SAP Integrated Business Planning Enabling Rapid Business Growth…

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) is a cloud-based set of applications that enables your company to rapidly develop, orchestrate and execute integrated business plans with real-time information.

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a modern and flexible supply chain planning tool that enables your business to cope with market volatility and complexity. You can directly import all planning relevant data from any SAP and non-SAP system and the power of SAP HANA allows you to analyse tremendous data volumes in seconds.

SAP IBP consists of different applications which can also be deployed independently

Services We Provide
In This Category

Revolutionize business processes with intelligent automation in SAP S/4HANA
  • Enabling Digital Logistics and Order fulfilment by reducing WM costs, improving On-time delivery performance and average space utilization rate.
  • Intelligent real-time product availability check for sales, planned and production orders.
  • Dynamic planning of replenishments with demand-driven MRP that is fully integrated into existing MRP concept
  • Reduced TCO by landscape simplification with single SAP S/4HANA platform for all warehousing and Transportation activities with real-time embedded analytics
  • One single harmonized MRP process for all materials requiring constrained and unconstrained planning.
Respond quickly to market changes with real-time supply chain planning capabilities of SAP IBP
  • Maximize product/customer profitability with optimal product-mix, considering supply constraints and financial objectives.
  • Optimize multi stage Inventory targets to most efficiently meet or exceed customer service levels, fully considering uncertainties like forecast-error and supply uncertainty.
  • Reduce overheads costs by optimising production planning with maximizing capacity utilization and managing material shortages.
  • Enable Senior Management to navigate, analyse and profitably manage the end- to-end supply chain in real time with KPI, dashboards, analytics, alerts and notifications.
Digitally transform your business to collaborate with suppliers and trading partners with SAP Ariba Solutions
  • Improve supply chain collaboration for forecasting & procure- to-pay processes with B2B integration with global suppliers.
  • Collaborate with direct spend trading partners on supply chain planning and execution processes.
  • Manage key direct spend processes easily including ordering, forecasting, inventory and quality.
  • Gain greater flexibility and visibility to reduce inventory buffers while increasing service levels and on-time shipments.
  • Automate interaction with trading partners giving greater agility to deal with supply chain volatility and meet the customer commitments.
Build a connected customer journey based on empathy and trust with SAP CX
  • Improved customer experience management with combination of customer data, operational data and experiential data.
  • Unify marketing, commerce, sales and customer service groups to deliver speedy intelligent, trustworthy customer experiences.
  • Get consolidated view of customer wise sales and finance numbers In a single window.
  • Increase sales through better timing due to anticipating needs based on historic trends, identifying needs more effectively by understanding specific customer requirements.
  • Automation of e-mail campaigns, SLA tracking of ticketing solution and better MIS including reports and dashboards.

Make fast, confident decisions for better
outcomes with SAP
Analytics Cloud

  • Link and create financial and operational plans seamlessly in one solution to drive better decisions with integrated plans
  • Make relevant, accurate and actionable insights faster with AI and ML technologies.
  • Make end-to-end decisions with data management, what-if simulations and analytics in one place.
  • Seamless integration with S/4HANA, IBP, TM, EWM and non-SAP systems.

Why IBP?

Alignment & integration of planning & execution

Supply Chain Visibility
(Single source of truth)

Harmonize processes & optimal collaboration

Address cross-functional &
critical business decisions

Alignment & integration of planning and execution

Availability of key information to all stakeholders

Cost-effective & quicker customer service & delivery

Benefits envisioned SAP IBP

Customer Service

Higher in-time and full order delivery by uncovering and solving the bottlenecks in the network

Plant Productivity Improvement

Better asset utilisation and capacity deployment by early recognition of production bottlenecks


Higher forecast accuracy and optimal inventory balancing in the network

Enhanced Co-Ordination
of New Product Launches

Overall visibility for all parties involved

Overall Supply Chain
Cost Reduction

Done by using an integrated planning solution with end-to-end and real-time transparency

Numerous Soft

Enhanced team work, better communication, faster decision making, improved accountability and control within the company

How To Get Started With Us On SAP IBP


Let us invite you for a cup of coffee for you to learn more about the possibilities of SAP IBP.

Proof of
Concept (POC)

Together we can create a five-week proof of concept to test three key requirements for your business in the system.

Accelerated Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

How to get started on IBP in 12 weeks and start realising the early benefits immediately.

From technical solution to impact

Have you already implemented SAP IBP but would like to realise the full potential for your business? Let us help you on the continuous journey.


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